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Welcome to Chip Ratliff Productions!

Chip Ratliff Productions, Inc. , founded by entertainer and entrepreneur, Chip Ratliff, is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of music, podcast, film, tv, and radio entertainment that inspire positivity, along with personal and cultural growth. is the launch point of all things pertaining to Chip Ratliff, including:

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About Chip Ratliff

Chip Ratliff is an entertainer and entrepreneur, who  is the owner of Chip Ratliff Productions, Inc.. 

Born and raised in Chicago, IL , Chip wrote his first song (along with his uncle, bluesman Fernando Jones who is only 1 year his senior) at the ripe old age of 6! Chip had no choice but to absorb the rich music scene all around him. Having a musical family didn’t hurt either. Chip’s grandfather played guitar with B.B. King in the late ’40’s & early ’50’s; his father played everything from blues to funk all night, every night on the family hi-fi; Chicago Blues legend, Lefty Dizz, is his cousin; and his uncles were accomplished singers and musicians, and business people. 


Chip began his business career in college at the University of Illinois (UIC) as co-founder and vice-president of the Black student organization, Black Art Students for success (B.A.S.S.).  In this role, Chip took on the responsibility of organizing events.  He made himself  the single point of contact to university, media, and students.  His skills came into play as he shared the responsibility of organizing the first Blues festival in UIC History in 1985.   Along with performing, he was responsibly for artist relations, contacting the media, and working with the light and sound crew to ensure the best show possible.


Chip is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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